Petroleum-Mining Projects

Development of Petroleum – Mining Projects in accordance to relevant Croatian regulations, Act on the Hydrocarbons Exploration and Exploitation and other associated Ordinances:

  • Conceptual project
  • Field development and exploitation project
  • Additional Field development and exploitation project
  • Well construction project
  • Simplified technical project


Rig and well site operations

Rig and well site operations planing for E & P Clients:

  • Drilling management
  • Drilling enginering
  • Drilling supervision
  • HSE Supervision
  • Integrated project management
  • Reservoir Management
  • Production operations optimization

HSE and Risks management

Mayor emergency management:

  • Risk assesment
  • Risk mitigation
  • Development of HSE policies and procedures
  • Well control operations

Well design

Optimal well design, zonal isolation and well integrity:

  • Offshore & onshore oil and gas wells design
  • Waterflodding wells design
  • ERD wells design
  • Multilatheral wells design
  • EOR design
  • SIMOPS design

Drilling engineering

Drilling and completion engineering services:

  • Drilling rigs tendering and management
  • Well construction
  • Directional drilling services
  • Mud engineering
  • Electric wireline logging interpretation
  • Casing design, liners & tiebacks running
  • Cementing and stimulation
  • Perforating and well testing
  • Completion operations (Smart completion, ICD completion)


Training and mentorship programs:

  • Scientific research
  • Well design and drilling engineering courses
  • Independent projects reviews
  • Engineering consultancy
  • Petroleum engineering students mentoring program
  • Fresh graduates mentoring program